Here's some "rules of thumb" about how I'll reply to your emails.

Please read through this AND the disclaimer before emailing and then taking offense.

To email me, click on any of the rotating "email" icons

ALL emails I receive are answered PROVIDED I can answer them. Emails I can't answer include:


Please don't ask me to recommend pet shops that are outside my home county of Kent in England. I simply don't know your local pet shop.


Please don't ask me what is a good price - I rarely buy snakes these days and prices seem to vary considerably between the shops that I have visited, let alone around the world.


I can only answer if I can actually do so !! Emails I can't answer come into four main categories:

1 "Dear Dave, will you email me your website ?"

2 "Dear Dave, will you give me in depth information about a shop some 10 000 miles from your house"

3 "Dear Dave, why don't you know the world record for the most mice eaten by a carpet python on a Tuesday"

4 "gibberish"

At the risk of sounding patronizing, please read what you've written to me out loud, and ask yourself if I'll have any idea of what you are talking about.

For examples of the above, click here !


Nearly every email I have ever sent to an AOL address haven't got through. Quite frankly I'm sick of spending half an hour writing a reply to AOL users just to get an automated "Your mail to the following recipients could not be delivered because they are not accepting mail" message

If you're on AOL, I WILL reply. just don't expect to get the reply.

Also please bear in mind...


It might take me a little while to get back to you. I do work extended shifts, and am often away at cub scout camp or being flown by my kite.


I have not kept snakes since mid 2002 - I may be somewhat out of date now


I welcome pictures of you and your snakes. However please use .jpg format.


If you disagree with what you read here, that's fine. But please don't quote what you've read in some dead text book - tell me about YOUR experiences. Please don't just post insults and then expect me to take you seriously.


I reserve the right to reproduce on this website anything emailed to me. Any useful tips will be suitably credited.