It's always good to see how other people keep their snakes. Here's some pictures of other people's snakes in their vivs that I've had sent in.


Jaume has some really attractive plants and scenery in his viv

Nick keeps it simple and easy to maintain

Jamie's boa in his viv

Mike's home-made viv

Mark's home made viv

Steve's boas are kept on sawdust


Graham's boa climbing

Roger's boa - up a tree and in the hand

Always make sure the snake has somewhere to hide - Andy's boa peeps out from under his shelter.

Below is Andy's home made viv.

Jen & Kevin's boas like to climb

Sean's built a viv

Phillip & Cheryl's boa-arium.

Pine cones - I'd never thought of that. Very effective.

Mosby in his viv - from Wayne