This web site is not all my own doing you know

 I'd like to thank one or two people for their help...

Tina for putting up with all the beasts and finding royal pythons under the fridge

Daniel for endless donkey work (he's not really scared of snakes)

Katy for endless donkey work as well

Jose for endless help in building & maintaining my computer, cutting glass (ho ho), rewiring the lot and finding sand boas under the fridge. (he is really scared of snakes)

All at RG Pets & Exotics for endless advice, and snake-sitting while I'm at cub camp.

Denise Loving for photos of retics

Colin Brown for photos of retics and the feeding animation

"Prof Chris" for allowing me to photograph his carpet pythons & rainbow boas

"Pet" for pictures of green anacondas

Jake for yellow anaconda photos

Jennifer & Kevin for photographs of their boa constrictors

Zack & Clint Gilders for royal python pictures

Julian for his experiences with large snakes

Dan for photos of carpet pythons

Jared Watson for pictures of green anacondas and albino boa constrictors

Nick and Kitty for pictures of royals

Lisette for boa pictures

Mark for the tale of his children's python

Jaume for pictures of Colombian rainbow boas

Joshua for the tale of his cousin

Liam for albino burmese picture

Nick for photos of his boa Bernie

Jamie for boa pictures

Michelle for boa pictures & advice on boa classification

Graham for boa pictures

David for royal python photos

Roger for boa pictures

Maurine for advice on skin shedding

Andy R for boa & viv photos

Chase for Carpet Python stories

Ben Perrault for advise on green anacondas

Aric for boa photos

Chris for a photo of his lizard tattoo

Sean for photos of vivs and snakes

Jamie for pictures of "Mexico" - his royal python

Sean for the retic story and photos of royals & boas

Joe for pictures of tattoos

Phillip & Cheryl for photos of royals & boas

Deidre for advice on carpet pythons

Luis for a strange story

Brett for snake tattoo