the only difference between people with tattoos & piercings and people without is that the people with tattoos & piercings don't mind that the people without don't have any
Reptile Tattoos -another special interest of mine

It's a shame that nearly all snakes in tattoos seem to be "death or glory" ferocious snakes curling around daggers and crawling around skulls. They all have enormous fangs dripping blood. As I'm trying to say in most of a related web site, snakes just aren't like that !

What I like are the "normal" reptile tattoos (if there is any such thing!!)

This page has been up for over four years and I've still only got half a dozen piccies. Some of them are my own, and others are of friends, or people I've met on the Internet. Where possible there are hyperlinks to the tattoo-ees

Please email me any pictures of snake tattoos you or any of your friends may have

To start here's one of mine - payment for a baby boa

Here's an email I got in May 2000:

Hello. My name is <xxx> and I am looking for the perfect pic. of a red tailed boa constrictor snake for a tattoo, but am unable to find one and i just thought you might be able to help........

Please help if you can. Thanks for your time.

This is what I replied:
Hi - Snake tattoos are a favorite of mine - the trouble is that the snakes in tattoos generally look far too fierce, and the colours of real snakes won't really look good in a tattoo. Are you tatto-ed or on good terms with a tattoo artist? What I'd suggest (and what I've done and will do again soon) is that you have a chat with a tattoo artist, tell them what you want, take in some pictures of snakes and get him or her to come up with some artwork that you like that will also make a good tattoo.

Good luck, and please send me a piccie of what you have done so's I can add you to my gallery!

The tattoo below was one custom-made for me by Ben at Ashford Custom Tattoo - I chatted with him, took in some pictures and ideas, and Ben came up with the snake you see below.

26 Jan 2000

Stage One - outline in place

still to be coloured in !

18 Feb - Stage Two

Quite a bit of colouring in done.

After an hour and a half, I decided to make another appointment because I'm a wuss and it hurt !.

March 20 - All done

The finished tattoo - it took three sittings and it did hurt, but I'm very pleased with the result.

Enough of me - there are others with smashing tattoos too. Please send me any piccies you may have so I can add to this gallery.

"Miss X" who has a very good web site and one of the prettiest tattoos I've ever seen

A close-up of the tattoo
Click here to find who did the tattoo above
A hand drawn royal python on the arm of a chap with whom I traded royals & boas
Pete's got a smashing cobra
Lisa's got a lizard - not a snake but she is my pal !
Here's the leg of someone who emailed Lisa
Nick's Dragon

Tony's right bicep
Colin's retic
J's Royal
Chris's lizard
Brett's snake

A few words on tattooing - bear in mind the following points


Tattoos are for life - they cannot be removed without extensive surgery which leaves marks


Tattoos can spread infection - make sure your tattooist knows what they are doing - there are a lot of "scratchers" that don't


They DO hurt

Where to go for your tattoo ?

Ashford Custom Tattoo

Ashford Kent UK

Pleasure Points Body Piercing & Tattoo

Lee's Summit, Missouri U.S.