So how does this site differ from all the other snake sites ?

While many reptiles do make good pets (and many do not !) my favorite reptiles must be the most primitive of the snakes, the boas and the pythons. With their vestigial hind limbs still visible as "spurs", and breathing with two lungs (unlike most snakes), the boids are lovely. Ranging in size from under a metre (for liasis childreni - the children's python) to nearly ten metres (for python reticulatus - the reticulated python) pythons can be found wild in many parts of the world,and in captivity nearly everywhere else. Why not take a few minutes to consider these wonderful animals.

These pages are MY experiences (either first hand or from reliable witnesses) of snake-herding

I stick to those animals with which I've had some experience - if you don't see the snake listed, then I probably don't know anything about it.

This site is no longer updated - I have not kept any snakes since mid 2002. I have left the site up as I have been persuaded others find it useful.

I don't pretend what you read in these pages will be 100% correct for every snake - they are all individuals. But it works for me.

The photos are either mine or those that have been emailed to me. This site is very dependent on YOU - the "snake herds in cyberspace" from whom I get a lot of the pictures used on this site.

Please feel free to email me using the icon at the bottom of the left hand side navigation panel or using the one below- I do reply to every message I get. (Usually within a couple of days, though give me a week - I might be at Cub Camp!!)

There are also sections on individual species, building vivaria, all aspects of husbandry, and a "frequently asked questions" section based solely on questions I have been asked by people visiting this site and emailing me.