A gallery of people who have emailed me

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This young lady is always telling me I drink too much !!!

Lisette & Red - August 2001

Lisette & Red - October 2004

Gary with a blood python

Gijs and Melanie

Brennan & boa

Michael with a boa

Jake and his green anaconda named "Monster"

Sean & Bonita

Sean & Baby

Jake & a burmese python

Jamie on holiday




Gary and his Burmese who has a number 3 on his neck which is the reason why he's named "Dale" after the race car driver Dale Earnhart.

Jake and a rainbow boa

Jake and a yellow anaconda

Bill, Matt & Babe

Christy & Suess

Jules and Juju bean

They only live ten miles away !!

Liam and his burm

Mike built this viv and had change out of £100

Jake & a red tail

Mark, Katie & Monte

Jake (the one in black) &baby boras 

a 21 foot burmese python, she weighs 207 pounds

Andre with an African rock python

Elijah with a red tail boa and ball python

Lisette & Red

Brittni & Lexis

Dan & his carpet python

Andre's two youngsters

Lily with "Mexico"

Cheryl with "Jericho", a boa constrictor

Jeff with a burmese python

Mark built a viv using my experiences as a guide

Stav with a burmese

Hannah and her "baby"