A disclaimer
Here's some "rules of thumb" about how I run this web site.

It looks VERY pompous & formal, but I think I really need to point some things out.

-there's been a couple of misunderstandings -

Sensible people can skip to the next page :o)

Philosphy of this website

These pages were MY experiences (either first hand or from reliable witnesses) of snake-herding, back in the days when I kept snakes. I have not had any snakes since mid 2002, so what you read may be rather out of date.

I don't pretend what you read in these pages will be 100% correct for every snake - they are all individuals. But it worked for me.

If you disagree, then that's fine. But remember - what you read is NOT wrong, it is merely different to your experience.

I'm not a shop

I have left this web site up as I have been ersuaded that others find it useful. I don't get paid for either, or make any money in any way from them.

I don't run any shops or businesses connected with snakes.

Please don't get stressy with me because I don't supply reptiles or equipment by overnight delivery.

(I've lost count of the times I've had people demanding pythons by return of post)

I'm not a vet

While you have my open and honest assurance that I won't talk complete rubbish on this web site, I cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury to or from anyone following any advice I offer. I am in no way qualified in vetinary science.

(Mind you I don't think I've killed anything yet )

Please do email me

ALL emails are answered to the best of my ability but please have a quick look at the guidance for how best to send in your questions and comments.

However it might take me a little while to answer. I do work extended shifts, and am often away at cub scout camp. Also, bear in mind it's some time since I actually kept any snakes myself.

Please be fair to me

While I love getting emails from fellow snake herds, and while I'll answer you as best as I can, please don't ask me to take on extensive research projects on your behalf. It's not fair to me for you to say that you've got a two thousand word assignment on snakes and would I do it for you

(I've been asked this four times now, and had some very rude replies when I've declined)


I welcome pictures of you and your snakes. However, if you can, please use.jpg format.


All the photos on the web site are either taken by me or fellow snake herds who've emailed in the pictures. Credits are given in the "thanks to" page