When I started this web site it was a few piccies of me and a snake. Now it's grown a bit and here's some awards and words of encouragement I've received

You might think I'm being a bit big-headed in putting up this page. You are right  This is purely, entirely, 100% an ego-trip for me !!

I would just like to congratulate you on your site. I really like all of the pictures of you with the snakes. A lot of snake sites I have visited just shows pictures of snakes but look like they got them from National Geographic or something. So just a big congratulation from a very satisfied surfer - Kyle

I just wanted to say that your web site is the best......I was looking on the web at a whole heap of sites for information and none of them were as good as yours......I just wanted to say that your site is really cool and informative. - Tara

let me say that I really enjoyed looking at your website! - Graham


Your website http://www.thestyleshouse.freeserve.co.uk/boids.htm has been selected as a featured site in Lightspan's StudyWeb® as one of the best educational resources on the Web by our researchers. You will be able to view it in our Science:Life Sciences:Animals & Pets:Pet Care:Reptiles section very soon.

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"Thank you so much for the information you have given me! It is greatly appreciated!" - Carla
You have a real nice site and a lot of info that is very helpful. Keep up the good work. - Ricco
i Thought your web-site was great! - Ryan
"Thank you for your swift reply. I will try what you say. I would like to be on your mailing list...... I look forward to learning more from you." - Ross

Hi Dave & Congratulations!

I found your site to be very interesting. It's easy to get around in and contains some excellent information about Boas & Pythons. The Snakes & Scouts program is a wonderful Community service. Good Job! I have attached the award to this email. If you can't retrieve it let me know, I'll get it to you another way. If you choose to display the award, it is not mandatory to link it back to my site at - http://www.herphouse.com/index.html - but it would be appreciated.

I have added your site to both my Links & Winners pages.

thanks for building such a great site!!!!! - Julian
wonderful site! I'm really enjoying it and learning a lot - Don
All of your snakes are awsome! Thanks for sharin them with me - John
Just found your website and I am very impressed. Very informative. I also like the informal way the text is written - Tracey

Very good site! - Len
Thank you for a fantastic web site. The most information we have found in one place. Keep up the good work - Erik
Your web site is great, and is very encouraging for those of us new in this - Dianna
keep the website going - its one of me faves - Will
GREAT site. Growing up on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, an herpetologist all of my life and from the old school, I thought I was a "snake nerd." Now I know that I'm not the only one when I read your words about the green anaconda,

"Not a sensible pet, but I still want one..." - Susan

 I bow my head too you friend, what a well thought site it is a pleasure to hear real people with real experience too give to others - Paul
I happened upon your site and I just had to write to tell you what a treat it is. I have found myself smiling almost the entire time I have been reading....Thank you for giving me a smile and a lot of knowledge. I will be back -Ann

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I LOVE your site. It really has been a great source of information for us - Christy
Great information. The pics are great and the commentary is second to none - Sean
great site, keep it up - pythonholme
i love your web site it has helped me alot with my animals - Bob

what a fantastic site. I've read though loads on the web and nothing touches yours - John
 Hi I liked your info I was very impressed! - Jenny
I have searched high and low on the internet and yours is the most helpful site I have come across re: rainbow boas, the pics are great too - Liz
I would like to thank you for you excellent website. It's obvious that you've put an enormous amount of time into the sight. We have found it to be informative, easy to use and well rounded - Phillip
Cheers for the advice - your website is mental but I like it! - Liz
First off, thanks for the great page on Boas, your information should be used as the default care sheet for boas, I am sure your care sheet will come in handy - Derek
dave,you're the best - Michele
Appreciate your efforts Pal! Andy R
I discovered your site a while back searching for info. on Royals and I must say I am quite impressed with the work put into the site and the amount of information. So much that a few months ago I started my own site - Kyle
thanks dave: you're a legend - chase
thanks for the site - Gary
Hi,very good site,very informative and user friendly,a man pasionate about Boa's - Les
My compliments on your site and the pictures within it - Tim
keep up the good work and thanks 4 a great website - Victoria
i have found ur sight to be a real insperation when i first started my hobby i thought i was the only one out there with the same love but web sites like urs are wicked keep up the good work and thanks again - Pete
I liked your website. Nice work. - Mike
I'm not usually the type to e-mail people on the net for advice but you seem to be a genuine source of information - Dan
I came home and was checking out some websites when I came across yours. I can say that it's a great site and I found the entire site very helpful, especially the section about the different species and Kate's section on how to build a viv, which should save me a bit of money ... Allow me to say "Thankyou very much" for enhancing my interest! - Andreas
what a wonderfull website you have, very imformative and full of wonderfull pictures - Kristy
hey dave im just writing to say that out of all the sites i have visited yours is by far the best and if i ever need any advise i just come straight to your site - Paddy
I just want to thank you for everything with your help - Troy
thank you for all the help on your web page and i will be in contact again if im in need of your help.....i found your web page to be very useful. - Donna
I just wanted to send a quick note thanking you for such an informative website. Rather than the dry, repetitive commentary found on so many snake-related websites, your site is filled with helpful, real-world experience. Having just acquired a week-old ball (royal ) python, I was quite anxious over getting as much information as possible on that particular species of snake. Your site certainly had what I was looking for, from feeding issues to housing solutions. Not only did I enjoy the educational aspects of your website, I also found that the construction of the actual site's layout to be highly organized, which is a breath of fresh air in a world wide web of unorganized URL's. Again, thank you for the great site. You're certainly doing a great service to the community of both present and future snake owners - Zac