In its most basic form geocaching is going out to find a package that someone has hidden. It is *that* simple. There are various games akin to geocaching, but this website is only concerned with that form associated with geocaching dot com.


In this game there are (literally) millions of caches hidden all over the world (and one in outer space) all waiting to be found.

This is what you do:


·         You create yourself a profile at geocaching dot com.

·         You get yourself a way of locating geocaches (ideally some form of sat-nav technology such as the phone you have probably already got. You can buy expensive GPS units but a map and compass can be used)

·         You go looking for a geocache.

·         Each cache (with a few specific exceptions we’ll mention later) contains a paper log on which you write your name and the date on which you found it.

·         Each cache has an associated web page on which you record the fact that you’ve found it. (This can be done manually at great length or automatically for ease either when you find it or at a later date)

·         You go look for another one


That’s it. Everything else is piddling details.