You’ve pressed “Start”; select “New Game” (1), read the introduction (actually do read it!), press “start” (2)  and off you go


From this point every Wherigo is different, but they are all location-based games. You have to go to places and do things. Be sure to read everything carefully. If you are unsure what to do, read everything again.

This screen is the main menu. From here you work out what to do. Here’s a brief overview. Click on the headings in the left-hand navigation bar for a fuller description.




This menu allows you to call up a list of the locations in the game that are active and are visible to you. Some locations will turn on and off as the game goes on partly to stop the menus getting too crowded and partly to aid game play.

Bear in mind that some locations may be active but not visible to you. This allows things to happen in the game which appear to be random, but are actually dependent on where you are. Most games have quite a few active locations that are not visible to you. A GPS unit that plays Wherigo cannot handle more than seven active zones (which is why I don’t recommend them for Wherigo)


You See


This is what is in the same location as you. You may be able to interact with the things in this menu. Or you may not. When you leave the location you will leave these things behind (but the game may move them on)




Your inventory is effectively what is in your pockets. You will take them with you from location to location and between locations (but the game may move things in and out of your inventory)




This is what you have to do. It is useful if you have several tasks to achieve. If you don’t then it is unnecessary.
I tend not to use in in the Wherigos I write as (quite frankly) it is too much arse-ache.




Press it and make sure “Location On” is active. It makes all the difference in a GPS-location-based game.





Calls up the map. (dur!) To be honest you’d be better off calling up the map through the “location” menu




Press this at least once every five minutes to save your progress. Seriously. Do it. Players can crash and have you lose all progress.