The games that you play are in many ways just like any other computer games. There are different platforms on which you play the game both for Apple and Android depending on what smartphone you are using. You get these from the Play store or Google store like any other smartphone app.

The games themselves are specific to each individual Wherigo cache and the link to them is given on each individual cache page. These are called “cartridges” and you can load these onto your phone either the difficult way or the easy way.

The Easy Way





Open up Wherigo dot com on your phone and log in using your geocaching user name and password

Call up the cache page of the Wherigo you are going to attempt using whatever app you use for geocaching.  Look in the description for the bit which says about the link to the cartridge you need.  Tap it. (1)


The app gives you the option to select which app will run the cartridge. Select the one you want (2)


Download the cartridge (3)


Press “Start” (4)


The Difficult Way

Call up the cache page of the Wherigo you are going to attempt using your PC or laptop and follow the link to the cartridge you need. This opens up a page in Wherigo dot com. Download the .gwc file in the “Pocket PC Device” format and copy it to the appropriate folder in your smartphone or GPS unit. Good luck!!


A couple of hints:

You might want to download the Wherigo cartridge using your home wi-fi to save your mobile data, and also because mobile internet coverage might be rather flaky when you are out and about. This is a good idea.

Some people download every Wherigo cartridge that they can and save them till whenever they get round to doing it. This isn’t a good idea. Many Wherigo creators will update cartridges as time goes by  (for all sorts of reasons). Download the cartridge as soon as reasonably possible before playing it.

You can play some Wherigos on GPS units, but not all Wherigos and not all cartridges. Much of the cartridge’s functionality doesn’t work on a GPS unit, and I for one create the cartridges for smartphones. This is the third decade of the twenty-first century after all !!!