At the end of the day the Wherigo cartridge will lead you to a geocache (or several). It can do this in two ways




The final location will appear in your list of locations (1)


A  set of co ordinates of the actual cache may also appear in your Inventory. Click on it to get the co ordinates (and possibly hints and spoiler pictures too)


Here we have a failing of the Wherigo apps. There is no way to input GPS co-ordinates, so having got these co-ordinates, manually copy them either into your GPS unit or into whichever app you use for geocaching.

The best way to do this us to call up the Wherigo’s cache page and create a waypoint using these final co-ordinates.

See your geocaching app’s instructions for how to do that (however it is done, it is easy!!)




Purists don’t like that way of doing it though.


Some wherigos just locate the final geocache only with a location which you navigate to in the same way as you navigate to any location.


Personally I don’t like this as for it to work the final location has to be very small, and consequently incredibly difficult to get inside to trigger any more game events.


But however you get there, the cache is a geocache like any other. Sign the paper log and then log your find on geocaching dot come either through your geocaching app or geocaching dot com.


Some Wherigos have game play which continues after finding the cache. Some take you to more than one cache. Bear this in mind…