Lego Maxifigures

(A little guide…)


The Lego Home Maker range was first released in 1974 featuring four body colours (with variably jointed arms), three hair pieces (the black and brown ones are reversable) and three different faces.


These maxi-figures appear in boot fairs and on Facebook selling pages all the time, some are ten-a-penny, some are quite obscure.

Here’s what you want to look for when buying them either for yourself or as a pressie for your collector friend, uncle, father or grandfather…





With all collectables you don’t want tat.


The important part in a maxifigure is the block to which the arms and head attach. Don’t worry excessively about that which is below. That is replaceable from any Lego fanatic’s spare parts.


Make sure that you get heads with faces that haven’t worn off, with the hair (or hats) and with hands.


If you are looking to make a profit then having the box is a must. However you do pay twice the price and the box only sits in the attic gathering dust.





(Apologies for the blurred photo)


The face design can fade over the years. The face with freckles and the face with the glasses do seem to be rarer that the other design


The head with the moustache is rather obscure, as is the ginger hairpiece. There is a white hairpiece of the same design, but is incredibly rare, as is the top hat which originally came with the moustached head.





There are several hats to be had as well. The red and blue are relatively common. The black is slightly more obscure, as is the white policeman’s one.



The Stetson is rather obscure, as is the flying helmet



Most of the body-arm blocks come in black, white, red and blue. If you are very fortunate you may see a yellow one. If you see one, snap it up !!!






By far the majority of heads and hands you’ll see are yellow. The “Red Indian” range was never released in the UK, but can be bought second-hand on eBay. The red heads aren’t that rare, but finding red hands takes some doing.



The “Red Indian” set… pretty much every set that comes up for sale has lost the paddles and the feather headpieces.





And where there are Red Indians there are usually cowboys…


Finding a set with the orignal rope isn’t easy…