A World Torn Down (6 Book Series) by  Rebecca Fernfield


The "A World Torn Down" series of e-books was something of a disappointment. The story is set in Humberside after a plague has wiped out most of the human race. But despite being entitled "A World Torn Down", most (if not all) of the action takes place within a very small area around the Humber bridge (from the author's website, this would seem to be where she lives) and this is a shame. The story would have benefited from the scope that travelling a post apocalyptic UK might have offered.

The story followed the adventures of various characters (some believable, some not so). For some odd reason the most interesting characters were dropped half-way through, and the promised sequel threatens to pick up some of the duller ones.


I had a serious issue with one of the major protagonists who might be best described as a "psycho-bitch-from-hell". Marching round shooting all and sundry with a crossbow and selling children into slavery, why were none of the other characters prepared to actually kill her (which I would certainly have done)? And if no one is going to do for "psycho-bitch-from-hell", it is rather implausible that it would never occur to anyone to relocate well away from "psycho-bitch-from-hell". If there is some bitch-queen marching round with a crossbow shooting people for sport, would *you* live within walking distance of her for three years (bearing in mind  that most of humanity has been wiped out and you can go wherever you like?


I didn't really like this story. What really hacked me off was that the story was broken up into six books. Was this to extort more money from the readers? Together they made one  book of seven hundred pages, but having to make six purchases it cost eleven quid. 

I've just taken pot luck and bought an e-book that came up on my Facebook feed. Five hundred pages for one pound ninety-nine pence.