The Seafort Saga is a particular favourite of mine. Written over twenty years ago it follows the life of a young naval recruit in a rather plausible future society. It also features mankind’s first contact with aliens… but aliens as they probably actually are, rather than actors in rubber suits 



In “Midshipman’s Hope” Nicholas Seafort is catapulted from junior officer to acting ship’s captain.



In “Challenger’s Hope” Nicholas Seafort is left for dead



In “Prisoner’s Hope” Nicholas Seafort is battles an alien menace whilst facing a civil uprising



Nicholas Seafort is now commandant of the Naval Academy. The story features the final battle with the aliens, and has flashbacks to his youth

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This book is written variously from half a dozen different perspectives. I’ve now read it half a dozen times and have now only just figured out what was going on.



This book is set twenty years after the last, and whilst it isn’t a bad one, it lacks a certain something.



In this last book of the series, the story finally gets good again.