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Old Man's War is the first novel in John Scalzi's Old Man's War series. I’ve just read the lot (in order)


·         The first book follows the adventures of John Perry who leaves Earth as an extremely old man to go join the space soldiers to fight aliens

·         The second book (The Ghost Brigades) features his dead wife.

·         The third book (The Last Colony) and the fourth book (Zoe's Tale) tell the same story but from differing perspectives.

·         The fifth book (The Human Division) was originally published as a serial and then collected in a novel.

·         The last book in the series (The End of All Things) is four short stories which would have been better written as a novel.


What can I say? The story started well… The second book was OK. The third and fourth book was where I got bored. Realistically you only need to read one of these two; I’d suggest ignoring the third book.

But by the time we get to the fifth book, they aren’t books any more. Just a load of disjointed short stories. Readable…but disjointed.