My Top Ten Books… change with time.


March 2019


March 2023







Some of my favourite reads

(Alphabetical by Author)



Peter Cawdron -  anything written by him.


John Scalzi’s Old Man’s War (series)


David Feintuch‘s The Seafort Saga


Jerome K Jerome’s classic Three men …


Marko Kloos’ Frontlines Series


George RR Martin’s Game of Thrones series


Julian May’s Saga of the Exiles


Nive & Pournelle’s The Mote in God’s Eye


Robert J Sawyer – anything written by him


Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited


John Wyndham’s The Kraken Wakes








What I read from March 2019 – February 2020

(Chronological reading order - A World Book Day Project)



Ice Moon series by Brandon Q Morris


Rogue Starship by David Alistair Hayden


Do You Dream of Terra Two by Temi Oh


Immortal by Nick M Lloyd


Renegades by Craig Alanson


Old Man’s War (series) by John Scalzi


Galactic Exploration by Peter Cawdron


Three men … by Jerome K Jerome


Rollback by Robert J Sawyer


The Eden Paradox by Barry Kirwan


Extinction Reversed by J.S. Morin


Why Mummy Drinks by Gill Sims


Proxima Rising by Brandon Q Morris


Skywave By K Patrick Donaghue


The Seafort Saga by David Feintuch


A World Torn Down by Rebecca Fernfield


Darkness by Iain Richmond


3zekiel by Peter Cawdron


Armageddon by Craig Alanson


Proxima Dying by Brandon Q Morris


Proxima Dreaming by Brandon Q Morris


Frontlines Series By Marko Kloos


Valkyrie by Craig Alanson


Aftershocks by Marko Kloos


Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh